India Wildlife Holidays - Royal Bengal Tiger

India Wildlife Holidays

India Wildlife Holidays are a specialist tour operator providing, flexible, private wildlife safari holidays throughout India. We specialise in safaris in search of the Royal Bengal tiger and other Indian wildlife. Our wildlife tours include visits to some of the many cultural and historical attractions of this diverse and fascinating nation as well as to other favourite holiday destinations such as the backwaters of Kerala and the beaches of Goa.

Wildlife Holidays

India Wildlife Holidays will take you to the best of India’s tiger reserves and national parks accompanied by highly qualified naturalist/guides in search of the signature species: Royal Bengal tiger, wild Asian elephant, one-horned rhinoceros and sloth bears. India is home to fourteen other species of cat including Asian lions, the extremely rare and secretive clouded leopard and snow leopard, a number of primate species, bison, wolves, striped hyenas, crocodiles and a number of species of deer. A visit to India is also a birdwatchers dream with over 1000 species of birds recorded.

Please view our Tiger Reserves and National Parks page for locations where these animals can be seen.

Sample Tours

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India Wildlife Holidays provide a wide selection of private, flexible, wildlife safari tours that have been designed to provide the best possible wildlife experience. From the snow-capped peaks of the Himalaya’s to the tropical rainforests of the south, from the deserts of Rajasthan to the tropical deciduous teak and sal forests of Kipling’s “Jungle Book”, India’s varied environments support an vast array of fauna and flora. Most of the wildlife is found within India’s many national parks many of which are stunningly beautiful and teeming with exotic wildlife, which, with a few exceptions has been very well protected.

Please view our Safari Tours page for all our wildlife tours and Contact Us for a personalised quote.

About India

India is without doubt one of the most exciting and rewarding travel destinations in the world. An intoxicating medley of vibrant cities, colours and cultures, art and architecture, languages and landscapes with an ancient history that has left its mark on this huge country of over a billion people.

The many civilisations that have occupied and made India their home have each contributed to the incredible collection of forts, palaces, temples and mosques for which the country is renowned. Each civilisation, contributing in turn, to the fabulously varied cuisine, exotic festivals and fairs. There is a vast range of accommodation options available in India most of which are excellent value for money. Options include some of the world’s most luxurious five star hotels, former palaces and the homes of rich merchants that have been converted to hotels, as well as plenty of more modest accommodation including jungle lodges and safari camps.

Please view our Culture & Attractions page for information specific to a city or area.

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We are a specialist tour operator providing flexible private wildlife safari holidays throughout India specialising in safaris in search of the Royal Bengal tiger and other Indian wildlife.